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If you're wondering why I used an image rather than just giving you a nice link, it's because I don't want spammers to harvest this address. It is very easy for a web spider to look for and harvest e-mails that are in text form, so I am very careful about posting this address anywhere on the Internet... Except as an image. (There are a few good ways to obfuscate an address using just text, but for the moment I'm just gonna use an image. The only practical way to exatract my address out of an image (short of some very well-trained OCR) is for a human to type it out by hand. It's an inconvenience to you, I'm sorry -- it's an inconvenience I'm willing to take :) .

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If you are at all concerned about maintaining the privacy/integrity of your message (read about why you should be), please don't hesitate to encrypt your message using my PGP public key (key number 0xF7C9FAA9).

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